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Smoking latina, feeling blue!

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0902 Feeling Blue!

Sometimes I go to my dads farm and spend sometime trying new clothes I purchase, erotic! I have many secret spots where I can do silly things, lol. ya all know how horny I get trying new erotic clothes and it didn’t take me long to start playing with me. It’s a rush knowing that I can get caught doing this, I luve it! Click that mouse of yours here to see more!!

Latina vixen, hot bunny!

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I really enjoy blogging sometimes because it gives me an opportunity to share some of my personal life with you. One of my most-liked things to do is to go lingerie shopping with my girlfriends. We probably go every few months or so but we always have an outstanding time! One of the best parts is seeing all my hawt buds attempt on these super charming outfits. I’m not gonna lie dudes; we do fool around in the dressing rooms! I mean who wouldn’t? My buds are as hawt as I am and we llove to turn each other on and watch each other snog. But I’ll save those stories for another blog! Ha…ha. I have to give you something to look forward to right? Anyway, while we were shopping I found this super hot playmate costume to wear for you. All my girlfriends said I had to get it cause it made me look so hawt. Based on all the action I got in the dressing room that day I took their word for it. But I’ll be trustworthy my outfit doesn’t stay on long! What can I say, I’m Karla Spice and as much as I like hot lingerie I like being nude more! like! CLICK Right HERE to see more!

Wild latina, cheerleader!

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0829 Cheerleader!

I was adoring a sexy day wearing my cheerleader outfit by the patio fountain. Such a nice an quiet day to relax and meditate…who am I kidding, lol. I was so horny I couldn't hide it any more so I started rubbing my bodie nice and slowly followed by some kindly fingers inside of my wet love canal. Well after some exceptional fun with my fingers all over and inside my bodie, I decided it was time for some toy time! I can never be caught without one, I luv them so much. Not as a much as real fornicater though, but I really like how it feels when I have toy in my tight lil booty. I am just so addicted to anal. I am sure youu are ok with it right? Click on this here to see more!

Latina babe, naughty nun!

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ya dudes are the best fans on the planet. I get so many email and letters from ya its outstanding. Although I can’t answer each and every one, I do try to listen to your fantasies and what ya would like me to do for ya. Honestly, nothing turns me on more than knowing that I’m able to tease ya and please ya. I wanna be your erotic plaything and make ya want to fuuuck me. One of the fantasies that ya turned me onto was the idea of being a mischievous nun. I imagine living a sheltered life in the convent and having ya come to fix the pipes one day. I’d be the only one home and have to present ya to the basement where the leak was. Your manly hands, muscles and smell would turn me on and make me want ya so much. I’d sit me down on the stairs and spread my legs a lil bit for ya. Then I’d start to rub my clit and watch ya while ya plugged up the hole. When ya were done I’d let ya watch me for a lil bit as your poker began to swell under your tight jeans. Then I’d want ya to make the first move. I’d want ya to come over and take me forcefully but gently at the same time. I’d wanna feel how tough your arms and chest were as ya pulled me into ya and explored every inch of my bodie with your tongue. I’m not sure they’d let me be a nun after I was so mischievous with ya but the orgasm would be so worth it! Click on this sentence here to see more!

Latina babe, squirting!

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0815 Squirting!

I heard from lots of my members that ya luv to see a lady flower squirt! Well as ya may see sometimes when I jizz really hard I squirt all over the place! This was one of those days.. I was feeling so horny and ya can for sure see how much I was able to pleasure me! Click on this link here to see more!

Latina hottie, poolside cutie!

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Don’t laugh, but I started taking yoga. I needed a way to stay in shape, relax and unwind after I spent the semester pledging a sorority. I loove my sorority sisters and they know how to party like rockstars but if I wanna keep my abs and butt on point its time to get physical! The laughable thing about yoga is that aside from keeping me toned, I think it’s made me better in the bedroom! I’ve already become so much more flexible it’s astonishing! Not to brag, but I think I’m exceptional in the bedroom. But lately I’ve been having phenomenal sexxx that lasts for hours and I Completely attribute it to my yoga class. On top of improving my sexual skills, yoga also makes me so freakin horny. There are some hott ladies in my class and seeing them in some of the poses makes me so wet. Since it gets me hot'n bothered so much, I though I’d share some of the sexiest poses for you here on my site. I especially loove the back bend pose because it flares out my chest, arches my back and makes my butt pop and look solid as a rock. I also loove to present you how wide I can spread my legs for you. Not to mention how far over my head I would be able to bend them if you desired to screw me. Namaste gentlemen. Click that mouse of yours here to see more!

Latina babe, voyear cam!

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0801 Voyear Cam!

I was having some fun on the computer webcamming with some fans and little did I think that somebody was spying on me! I hope youu enjoyed the view from both sides, hehe. Click that mouse of yours here to see more!

Latin girl, sweet yellow!

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Today I woke up in an awesome mood. I don’t know if it’s because I got to fool around with one of my best friendz last evening or because the sun was shining but either way I desired to look super hot and summery today. Even though I live in a tropical paradise I still luv summer the most. I feel like everyone is having fun and free from stress that gets brought on by term papers and finals and stuff. I feel like it’s so easy to hook up in the summer and have astonishing intercourse on the beach and I just miss summer so much right now. But I have a feeling if ya log on and check me out in my bright yellow bikini it will add a whole lot of sunshine and maybe a lil extra spicy hotness to your day. I luv bikinis that barely contain my knockers like this one does. And I have to say, I’ve been working out my abs and it sure presents in these photos. Not to mention how fascinating my bung looks around my thin lil bikini thong. Log on and let me know if ya’d let me be your summer fling. ya know how much I luv to get fan mail, especially if it gets me in the mood to be silly! Click to see more here to see more!

Latina vixen, outside tease

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0718 Outside Tease

I luve the outdoors, especially to have fun in! It was so nice outside so I thought it would be the wonderful day to spread my lips and get out some pent up sexual tension I had building up hehe. chicks loves accessories, and that includes cool looking dildos! They have to look hot and also feel exceptional! I luve this silver sex toy, its the wonderful width for my tight lady flower and I spunk so easily on it, as you see! Click over here to see more!

Latina vixen, gigi spice and lorna strapon

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GigiSpice131 Gigi Spice and Lorna Strapon

Today I invited my mate Lorna over to my house. She is super hot like me! I've known her for awhile but we never hooked up and I've always been attracted to her so I ask her if she would like to make a hottie on hottie flick with me and to my surprise she said YES!! In the flick we start out with some kissin which was making us both horny so we undressed each other and well… watch the flick to see what happens next! Click on this link here to see more!

Latina hottie, gigi’s pigtails and jeans

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GigiSpice141 Gigis Pigtails and Jeans

I get plenty of requests asking me to wear tight jeans well today is your lucky day because I have on a pair of my foxy blue jeans. What do youu think? tight enough? I also think jeans are foxy on a female especially when she has a nice buttt like mine! The only thing about tight jeans is tryin to get them off..lol but do not worry I am a pro at taking my cloths off..haha! Click on this line here to see more!

Vixen latina, rock wall

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My girlfriends and I recently went out to the desert to party. I think that may sound strange if ya’re not from around here but everyone does it. It’s like a large outdoor club where everyone comes to have fun and dance. No one bothers ya because ya are so far from the city and ya can be as loud and wacky as ya want. I always feel free and sensual when I go there so I desired to share my secret spot with ya. There are these gorgeous rock walls that heat up in the morning sun so that if ya lean against them your bodie is filled with all this warmth. I always wonder how outstanding it would feel to shag up against these rock walls. I would be nude and ya would be supporting me up so that my back was to the wall and my legs wrapped around ya. I wanna feel ya inside of me while I feel the heat radiating off of the walls making me warm and tingly all over. I think my biggest problem would be not cumming in two seconds flat. But if I did, I would need ya to have the stamina and know how to make me cum-juice again for ya. Log on so that ya can see my secret spot and imagine what I would be like to have me there as your mate. Click on this line here to see more!

Smoking latina, gigi’s glass dildo

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GigiSpice14 Gigis Glass Dildo

Today I was looking at all my cloths and believe me I have tons of cloths.. I am a cutie! but anyway I was feeling pink today so I put on all pink for you dudes! Its one of my fav colors and I think I look sexy red-hot in pink.. what do you think? Of course you know I woke up tremendously horny so I had to get me off which I did rather well.. love!! CLICK Right HERE to see more!

Horny latina, gigi spice and casandra

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GigiSpice11 Gigi Spice and Casandra

I have to letcha know that when my companion Maria introduced me to Casandra I couldn't believe my eyes. I mean yeah she was hot with a marvelous personality but that booty she had was fabulous.. Holy shit it was so enormous and hot… I desired to sink my teeth right in her booty.. haha! Well I was really cheerful she was to get down with me in this flick and trust me we had the time of our lifes. Watch and youu will see!! Click on this spot here to see more!

Wild latina, sexy stripes

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It poured outside today! All morning into the afternoon it just rained and rained and rained. I had nothing to do so I decided to sleep late and lounge around in my pajamas and chat on the phone to all my buddies about what we were going to do when it finally stopped raining! I llove to hear the sound of the rain on my roof and it always makes me wanna be snuggled up and having intercourse. I started to feel really horny and bored since I didn’t have anyone around to play with. The only way I could think to feel as seductive as I desired to was to share my energy with ya. I started imagining ya were over my house and watching me from the kitchen. I desired to get screwed really badly but ya were teasing me and saying ya weren’t in the mood. The only way I could think to get ya in the mood was to start stripping really slowly for ya. I start unbuttoning my top and squeezing my juggs together. Then I get up on my knees on the couch and slide my shirt up so ya can see my rump and how smoking-hot it looks in my white thong. I can see the bulge start to build in your pants so I think your hard now. I take my shirt off so ya can see my juggs and how hard my nipples are. As I start to slowly pull my thong down I feel ya come up behind me and now ya’re in charge. Your hands are on my waist and I’m all yours for the entire afternoon. Click this here to see more!

Hawt latina, anal invasion

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GigiSpice13 Anal Invasion

I get lots of requests for more anal action so in this flick I deliver some very hott anal play with my pink toy. I llove my members and always wanna make them cheerful.. plus I do not mind putting toys or dicks in my butt because I llove anal intercourse almost as much as regular intercourse. Its hard to explain but when a dude fucks my butt it just makes my lady flower extra wet and I splooge very fast. I guess that is a wonderful thing! Click on this link here to see more!

Vixen latina, mesh dress

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It’s laundry day! Ha…ha. I’m sure that’s what youu feel like reading about today right? Karla Spice doing laundry. But wait, it gets better. I woke up this morning and knew I had to do laundry. So I put it together and went down to the laundry room, which I share with all the individuals in my apartment complex. When I got there I decided that my PJ’s needed to be washed but I had nothing on underneath. youu know how much I llove to be nude so I risked it! I took off my pajamas and did my laundry bootie nude in the basement of my complex! It was the best feeling standing there nude and wondering if I was going to get caught by anyone. I made it through the wash cycle with no problem. But when I put my stuff in the dryer and I felt it vibrating and getting all hott I decided to sit on top of it and masturbate! Imaging somebody came down and saw that! Imagine youu came down and saw that! Would ya want to watch me get off? I bet youu would! He…he. I always told youu I had a wicked streak. I think I’m going to start doing my laundry nude more often; it makes it WAY more fun! Click this now right here to see more!

Latina hottie, naughty indian

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Who here thinks role playing is fun? All I guess is that i have tried it and I llove it, ha ha. There is a lovely silly feeling about pretending to be somebody else or just fulfilling a fantasy fro somebody. So this time i decided to be an indian babe looking for llove. I think it turned out incredibly well. But of course, how can ya be a lovely indian without teasing and displaying off your assets to your cowboy? ha ha. So I truly feel like we hit this one on the head. I am ready for ya, come get me! Click this link right here to see more!

Latina vixen, bedroom fun

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GigiSpice08 Bedroom Fun

I was feeling a lil lazy today so I decided I would spend all morning in the sack. I normally wake up early and start running errands but today I just desired to relax. I was cheerful though that the camm man had brought along a nice humongous blue pleasure toy for me to entertain me with while I was laying in the sack. It felt so astonishing to have that morning orgasm than fall back asleep! Click on this sentence here to see more!

Latina babe, see-thru outfit

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Welcome back! The other day I went to the shops with my girlfriends to a new store that opened specializing in lingerie. I bought a couple of clothes and this is one of them. I figured i'll tease youu with my super erotic see-thru outfit I purchased. This outfit makes me feel mischievous, ha ha. I like it plenty. It reminds me of celebrities when they get their pics taken by paparazzi while they are wearing black gowns and youu get to see their nipples and underwear from the flash, ha ha. Go ahead and and enjoy! Click your mouse now right here to see more!

Vixen latina, double trouble

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GigiSpice14 Double Trouble

My cam stud came over to visit me today. Since he was here, I thought maybe we could play around a bit before I took it all off. He brought with him some kind of rackets with a tiny ball. Not tennis.. Anyway I wasn't incredibly great, but I looked real hot in my outfit! Thats what really matters right..lol. It was such a gorgeous day and it made me horny which as youu, it doesn't take much to make me horny. I just bought two new toys and I desired to try them out. Both of them vibrate which really makes me wet, as youu'll see in this flick.. I put both toys in my lady flower at once.. than later I desired to put one in my buttt. mmm it felt so great that I squirted all over the table! Click on this spot here to see more!

Latin girl, dots babydoll

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Hello, hello there! I have to letcha know that there is a new lingerie store that opened here in my hometown shopping plaza. I was so excited that I had to go check it out with my girlfriends. We llove shopping and seductive lingerie is one of our favorites things to shop for besides clothing. I llove trying different clothes and present my girlfriends to see the reactions I get from them. Something about the feeling of soft lingerie touching my fragile soft skin gets me hot'n bothered. I think it radiates in my images, what do youu think? I hope youu like this new outfit as much as I did. Click your mouse now right here to see more!

Latina vixen, tight jeans

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GigiSpice151 Tight Jeans

I get plenty of requests asking me to wear tight jeans well today is your lucky day because I have on a pair of my lovely blue jeans. What do you think? tight enough. I also think jeans are lovely on a floozy especially when she has a nice caboose like mine! The only thing about tight jeans is tryin to get them off..lol but do not worry I am a pro at taking my cloths off..haha! Click your mouse now right here to see more!

Smoking latina, pj fun

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Hello males! It's me again, Karla. Have youu ever been in a mood where all ya desire to do is stay home, spend time watching TV, reading or just lounging on the couch with nothing but your pj's? Today was one of those days. I just felt so comfortable in my new pj's that I just had to do it, ha ha. Also, my couch is so comfy that it didn't help either. I was feeling so comfy in there I had to get nudie. So just sit back, relax and like the present! Click on this link here to see more!

Smoking latina, high socks and vibrator

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GigiSpice15 High Socks and Vibrator

I luve candy and basically anything that is sweet. When I go to the movies, not only do I get popcorn..mmm but I also luve to get some type of candy. In today's flick, I am sucking on… lol not what you think.. I am sucking on a lollipop! I think I look beautiful damn hot doing it.. do not you? But of course I wish I was sucking on something else. Today I was wearing high socks and after sucking on that lollipop I pulled out my blue masturbation toy and screwed my muff. Click your mouse now right here to see more!

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